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Residential Treatment

We provide the only independent and comprehensive directory with the essential facts for the different therapeutic programs, schools, coaching, and substance abuse treatment options. This is your first step in discovering the best treatment options for your troubled teen or young adult.

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What are interventional therapy programs and how do I know which is right for my family?

There are vast options available for therapeutic private-pay residential behavioral health interventions ranging from locked facilities to staff secured, from rural to urban settings, where a struggling teen will have no individual therapy to multiple sessions a week, or hours and hours of planned or spontaneous group therapy to none.  All Kinds of Therapy provides facts reported by the programs and it reveals various approaches to begin to tease out the correct intervention or interventions for your teen or struggling young adult.

This site is designed for you to revisit and compare different options. Ask yourself what the professionals are recommending to address your child's clinical, social, environmental, academic or family needs.

This site provides a map for your family's journey, highlighting some of the broad questions that a family experiences when deciding to send their child, teen, or young adult to a residential setting to begin to address the mental, behavioral or addiction needs.

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What is the Outward Bound Intercept Program?

Intercept (an Outward Bound course) has an additional layer placed over it... Its population is students whose relationships are shaky at home, or whose school performance is down, or whose behaviors are either risky or limiting their potential... There are no therapists on staff.

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Sky's the Limit Fund, access wilderness therapy treatment and transitional services

Do you know about how many families are helped by Sky’s the Limit Fund? Do you know about the recent evolution it has gone through? Do you need help with financing wilderness therapy treatment? Rochelle decided to help make wilderness an option for families in crisis with financial need.

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Parenting From the Heart: The Gift of Saying No

A teenager asks permission for something. When the parents say “No,” she responds with tears, threats, and emotional distancing. I inevitably watch parents squirm — they begin to question themselves... I’m on the edge of my seat at this point. Will Mom and Dad hold the boundary?

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