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Everyone is unique.

We assist you with comparing treatment -> transition facts & options for your kids.

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We can help with
  • addiction
  • recovery
  • intervention
  • wilderness therapy

This directory is a step in finding the range of interventions, treatment types, or an Expert for your troubled teen, young adult & family system.

Therapy Programs


The Decision

Deciding to intervene on your pre-teen, teen or young adult’s unhealthy/dangerous behavior and finding the ‘right’ setting or intervention is a process. Start your research on All Kinds of Therapy because these advertising partners are revealing the facts about their treatment program. Don’t forget to create an account to compare the treatment options side-by-side. And always remember to ask admissions questions, consult a professional, & visit any treatment program to assess clinicians, treatment approach, community, academics and overall structure that is practiced 24/7. You need to know the treatment provider should there be a problem during your child’s treatment. You need to trust the process & the program.

We have something for your family system

Within Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare interventions industry (FCBHI), there is a large continuum of care for troubled teens to young adults. Most teen treatment programs have accredited high school academics with dynamic clinically based and/or milieu-driven treatment. And most treatment centers include family, individual, and group treatment. Find options for your young adult who may need stabilization, assessment or residential treatment, or help them step into community-based treatment, with residential or telephonic support. Learn the facts about each program’s options and compare your treatment choices.


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