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30 Mins More Sleep Is Smart Vote For Virginia School Board!

Congratulation to Fairfax County (Va.) School Board, the 10th largest in the country, for moving the high school first class bell from 7:20 to 8am. “The Children’s National Medical Center, who found that teens need up to nine hours of sleep for optimal physical, mental and emotional health. Teens’ sleep cycles tend to start later at night, so trying to go to sleep earlier doesn’t necessarily solve the problem”.  This is an enormous change that is so needed.  

Many residential treatment programs have students take their classes in the afternoon because the research shows teens brains are not alert and receptive to focused academic requirements in the morning. So, these clever programs provide equine therapy or morning exercise or experiential curriculum to help energize the body first.

“Later school start times in Fairfax could set a trend as experts call for more teen sleep”, Washington Post


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