All Kinds of Therapy is the most comprehensive, independent online directory for Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Interventions (FCBHI) and substance abuse treatment programs for troubled teens and young adults. Our mission is to provide facts and easy to understand information that will help families compare and evaluate the many different solutions available. Our hope is that this information, along with the guidance of professional referral sources, will result in the best outcomes for families going through the difficult process of placing their child in a residential program.


All Kinds of Therapy is headquartered in Salt Lake City. Utah is considered the “Silicon Valley” of Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Interventions and substance abuse due to its regulatory environment, dynamic geographical options and strong history of industry pioneers.


Jenney Wilder is the founder of All Kinds of Therapy. She began education and therapeutic consulting in 2005 with the School Counseling Group in Washington, DC. Throughout her career she has advocated for families and their children while visiting and collaborating with treatment programs throughout the United States. Her comprehensive examination of treatment options and continued assessment of enrolled clients within these programs resulted in the development of an extensive library of treatment program facts. Jenney recognized the opportunity for a dynamic, factual directory that families and industry professionals could rely upon as a starting point. Thus, All Kinds of Therapy was born.


This website is not a typical directory.  There are 7 different features that add value to a family or professional in search of information or facts about treatment options.  

  1. Blogs: All Kinds of Therapy’s blog is not typical.  Take the time to click through to find questions as a family assessing options or young adults looking for what a place might be light, or research being completed.

  2. Experts: It is important to note that this website should not be used as the only resource to make an important treatment or intervention choice. We strongly encourage anyone in this process to seek the guidance of psychiatric professionals, interventionists, educational consultants or therapeutic consultants in order to best meet your child’s unique situation. Our site provides factual content, as reported by the advertising treatment programs, a professional provides families and clients with ongoing support throughout the placement process and through the course of treatment. Professionals are experienced in evaluating the nuances of treatment recommendations and help identify intervention choices that will best fit the specific needs of each unique family and usher the family system through the placement process.

  3. Newsletters: All Kinds of News is the quickest way to gain an understanding of the industry. An email update to learn about how treatment providers are evolving, developing or growing and what interventions, treatment approaches or modalities are available. Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.48.53 PM.png

  4. Side-By-Side Comparison: Compare treatment options in the different age groups side-by-side like you would a car, computer or phone.  Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.45.26 PM.png

  5. Favorites: If you are logged into the website, you can click to save your favorite treatment options.  Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.46.14 PM.png

  6. Map: Zoom in and out of the map or search by regions, it is not always possible treatment option in your state, but sometimes there is in your region.

  7. Video: many of the advertisers provide video for you to see on their listing page.  Enjoy.   Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.47.54 PM.png


With all of these features that are provided, to better serve the public as an unbiased resource, Jenney has recused herself from consulting for any individual family and is focused on All Kinds of Therapy.  Jenney nor this website endorses any particular program choice, Jenney is available for comments on the industry as a whole and can be reached at  or 202-630-2563.


REMINDER: With all the information listed on the website is created by the partner programs. As a consumer of the content on the web, it is important that you do your own site visits to verify that each provider is what they state they are the website.  You must verify through your own process that the treatment provider serves a particular client, student or patient whom they state they serve and verify more than the facts provided on All Kinds of Therapy website. Click here to read the Terms of Service that you agree to as a visitor to All Kinds of Therapy.