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Admissions & Outreach for Intensives and Coaching | Remote

Admissions & Outreach for Intensives and Coaching | Remote

Evoke Therapy Programs

2711 Santa Clara Dr.
Santa Clara, Utah 84765
United States



Posted on November 5, 2023


We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic individual to join our team in Admissions & Outreach at Evoke Therapy Programs. This role primarily involves supporting our Intensives program and our Coaching services. As a vital member of our admissions and marketing team, you will play a key role in expanding our services and making a meaningful difference in the lives of families, couples, and individuals.

Evoke Therapy Programs provide personalized therapeutic care with a focus on the whole health of clients and families. Our programs range from wilderness therapy for adolescents to individual & family therapy intensives, as well as individual and family coaching. Evoke provides research proven treatment for those struggling with mental health, addiction, and family turmoil. We believe individuals have an inherent wisdom within them, a lasting source of truth. Our innovative treatment models help our participants to draw from their experiences to evoke their inner wisdom. To learn more about Evoke Therapy Programs visit us at


  • Admissions and Program Development:
    • Conduct thorough phone and email inquiries, assisting families with the admissions process for Evoke’s Intensives, Coaching services, and Wilderness therapy programs.
    • Provide educational guidance and recommendations to families and referring professionals regarding Evoke’s offerings.
    • Design personalized Intensive programs tailored to participants’ specific needs and goals.
    • Collaborate with home care teams, collect necessary information, and evaluate data to determine the best program fit and clinical support.
    • Support program development and growth initiatives, adapting and creating program applications and contracts for new offerings or updates.
    • Calendar future program dates and manage the distribution of after-program packages.
  • Relationship Management:
    • Establish and nurture relationships with Educational Consultants and other referring professionals.
    • Cultivate and maintain connections with Evoke alumni, ensuring a supportive network.
    • Keep all team members updated on upcoming programs and offerings.
  • Marketing Support:
    • Assist in organizing and executing marketing events to enhance brand awareness and facilitate service expansion.
    • Craft compelling marketing materials and email campaigns to promote Evoke’s programs effectively.
    • Support website and social media marketing efforts to engage our audience.
    • Provide comprehensive status reports on marketing trends and efforts, ensuring data-driven decision-making.
    • Plan and coordinate marketing trips to visit referring professionals and alumni, pairing these trips with destination Intensives.
    • Lead conference and event planning efforts, including scheduling and facilitating marketing tours, conferences, and special events.
    • Represent Evoke at conferences and networking events, fostering valuable connections.
  • Other Duties:
  • Track, manage, and present Intensive and Coaching data for evaluation and improvement.
  • Create and organize impactful presentations to effectively communicate Evoke’s mission and offerings.
  • Facilitate logistical aspects of Evoke’s ongoing webinars.


  • Strong communication, organization, and technology skills
  • Must be able to work independently, be self-motivated, and excel at managing detail
  • Preferably have at least 2 years of customer-related experience or prior Admissions experience in the treatment field
  • Must be willing to work outside of regular office hours as the need demands


401(k), 401(k) matching, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Flexible schedule, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Mileage reimbursement, Paid time off, Vision insurance, Work from home