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AMATS, An Organization for Change: When Transportation Without Consent is Necessary

The Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) serves as an umbrella organization that brings together industry leaders committed to maintaining high standards in teen transport services. Founded with a mission to ensure ethical practices, safety, and effectiveness, AMATS fosters collaboration among its members to continuously improve and innovate the field.  The reason this group of seven (7) was founded was to provide best practices and ethical practices.   There are many transporters around the US who are not insured, transport children out of their home and have not trained or performed background checks on the professionals.   Not all of the founding members are operating out of each state or internationally.  It is important for a family who is inquiring into these services that they understand that state-by-state there are different laws that must be followed.   For example, in order to transport a child out of the state of California at the request of a family member, the transporter MUST be an employee of the company.   You are not allowed to have contractors. Read about the founding members of AMATS below and review this blog to learn 10 questions to ask, if you are going to hire a teen transport company. 

Heather R. Hayes and Associates a member of AMATS, contributes to the organization’s mission through their expertise in addiction treatment and mental health services. The organization, led by Heather R. Hayes, a renowned interventionist and clinician, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Their involvement in AMATS reflects a commitment to comprehensive care for troubled teens, addressing both the immediate need for transport and the underlying issues that necessitate treatment. Heather Hayes & Associates is your trusted ally for navigating the complex world of treatment and recovery options for substance abuse, mental health issues, and process addictions.  The team works with families and individuals with a wide range of services including mental health interventions, treatment consulting, family coaching, case management, medication management, and varying types of addiction and recovery interventions.

Hired Power is another integral member of AMATS, specializing in a range of supportive services for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health. Their role in teen transport (Safe Passage) goes beyond the physical act of moving a teen to a treatment facility; they provide comprehensive support to families, ensuring a smoother transition into the treatment process. Hired Power’s involvement in AMATS exemplifies a dedication to holistic care and long-term recovery.  They offer a wide variety of services including and not limited to interventions, safe passage, data-driven monitoring, Personal Recovery Assistants, case management, and coaching for individuals and families (mental health, substance use disorders, and behavioral health related issues).

National Treatment Transport brings a wealth of experience in safely transporting teens to various treatment programs across the country. Their participation in AMATS is a testament to their commitment to upholding industry standards and ensuring that the teen transport process is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. By being part of this association, National Treatment Transport contributes to the collective effort to enhance the quality of teen transport and runaway recovery services. They also provide sober companions and recovery coaching.   

Right Direction Crisis Intervention plays a crucial role in AMATS by providing expertise in crisis intervention for teens. In situations where immediate action is required, their professionals are trained to handle high-stress scenarios with empathy and precision. The organization’s involvement in AMATS underscores the importance of crisis intervention within the broader framework of teen transport services.  Right Direction does adolescent and young adult transports and interventions that focus on de escalation techniques using trauma informed training. They wrote this blog in 2014 10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Teen Transport Company

Safeguard, Inc is a key player in the AMATS alliance, focusing on ensuring the safety and security of the teen transport process. Their expertise in risk management and safety protocols contributes to the overall effectiveness of teen transport services. By aligning with AMATS, Safeguard, Inc demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of safety and professionalism in the field.  Safeguard offers transports and interventions and a Interim House for adolescents and young adults who need an interim safe place to stay before entering treatment.

SafePassage Global brings a global perspective to teen transport services, emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and understanding in the intervention process. Their involvement in AMATS enriches the association by promoting inclusivity and adaptability in teen transport practices. SafePassage Global’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the goals of AMATS. SafePassage Global is a fully-licensed private detectives in Georgia that can assist with a missing or runaway teenager.   Additionally, they provide safe passage to treatment programs.

West Shield, as a founding member of AMATS, contributes to the organization’s mission through its expertise in security and transportation logistics. Their involvement highlights the multifaceted nature of teen transport, where considerations for both physical and emotional safety are paramount. West Shield’s collaboration with AMATS underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach to teen transport services. West Shield provides investigations, therapeutic transport and safe transport services to treatment programs. 

In conclusion, the founding members of the Association of Mediation and Transport Services (AMATS) represent a collective commitment to elevating the standards of teen transport services. With a primary focus on ethical practices, safety, and effectiveness, AMATS serves as a beacon in an industry where the stakes are high, and the need for accountability is paramount.

The genesis of AMATS was rooted in the recognition of a crucial gap in the teen transport landscape. The absence of standardized practices, coupled with the prevalence of uninsured and inadequately trained transporters, necessitated the formation of a collaborative force. Families seeking assistance for their troubled teens often face a myriad of challenges, from legal considerations to the delicate balance of ensuring both physical and emotional safety. When the health and safety of the child or family member is at stake teen transport becomes a critical component in the continuum of care for troubled teens, and the founding members of AMATS play a pivotal role in shaping and advancing the field.  

Note to the reader, this blog was created to provide a landing page for the other blogs on this topic.  We have been creating content attempting to provide steps, questions, facts about this topic since before the website formally launched.  

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Like everything on the website, these are not recommendations, consult professionals before hiring, doctors, your community.   This blog provides information and there is always more information that one can gather.   To contact AMATS and find out more about what they are doing, visit their ad in the Experts section of the website.