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Dyslexia: Chicken or Egg?  The latest research Jan 17

Brain scans revealed that those with the reading disorder showed less ability to 'adapt' to sensory information”

Justin Luke Riley, CEO of Young People In Recovery, an interview Jan 5

In Baltimore, sharing my recovery story, I met several other leaders in long term recovery. I was astonished by so many leaders who were young and in recovery. We began talks that culminated in the creation of YPR. Our original intent was simple: help young people in or seeking recovery.

Using Mindful Schools' Tools In Residential Treatment Dec 28

I spend my days with students who have a Spectrum diagnosis with certain indicators, certainly - but cognitively, I spend my days with children who constantly experience an extreme sense of overwhelm.

Transitioning from Teen Treatment to Young Adult -- Five Big Picture Ideas Dec 19

“Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” The principles of "mechanical advantage" describe some aspects of therapeutic placement.

Mindfulness in the Classroom - a Strategy for Wellness & Life Dec 13

Mindfulness is actually the opposite of the quick fix, and that’s okay as we learn to live with the natural ebbs and flows of daily life. We are trying to rewire the brain with new habits and experiences that ultimately create a greater opportunity for a fulfilling life.

Emerging Adulthood is a Safer Approach Nov 30

It is often taken for granted that the phenomenon known as “failure to launch” is pathological and merits extensive clinical and educational intervention. I have even heard this described as an “epidemic.” However, this stance ignores much of human history, development and culture.

Turning 18 in Treatment: Where Do You Go - Teen Treatment Option or Young Adult? An interview with Shayna Abraham, M.A. Nov 28

For the vast majority of the clients I am work with, they are not prepared to enter into young adulthood in a successful manner. The bulk of them have never thought twice about running their own lives ... in the long run.

What is an Alternative Peer Group (APG)? Nov 15

An APG is a professional approach dressed in populist clothing whose main focus is to help a client and his family to insinuate himself into the most appropriate recovery maintenance process possible as soon as possible.

Failure to Launch Syndrome is not a Syndrome Nov 2

‘Failure to launch’: a horrible turn of phrase to describe young adults or emerging adults who have yet to leave the home. And thanks to Matthew McConaughey and his movie from 2006, it is the name that family members, siblings and even the clients themselves use to describe their experience ...

Interview with Will White Oct 25

Last year I received a copy of Dr. Will White’s Book, Stories from the Field: A History of Wilderness Therapy. This book describes the history of what is now called wilderness therapy. I loved your book...

Treatment: Look on the brighter side of things Oct 18

Although treatment is hard, long, and emotionally exhausting everyday, there are also hundreds of positive things that I wouldn’t take back for the world. Here are the top five highlights that I now live with daily.

Professional Development Occurs in Wilderness Therapy too Oct 14

Therapists and psychologists attend seminars, live classes and earn CEUs from attending professional presentations. But what about the 24/7 agents of residential and wilderness therapy? Besides experiential education, how do field instructors become more skilled and capable?

TRUE STORY: 20 Surprises and Difficulties In the Real World, Post Treatment Sep 27

Life is different when you leave a treatment program and go out into independent living. ...Life is pretty unstructured and for the first time, I have to structure my time and money and keep myself safe from relapsing into my earlier patterns. I wanted this, but it is harder than I thought.

What is the Outward Bound Intercept Program? Sep 13

Intercept (an Outward Bound course) has an additional layer placed over it... Its population is students whose relationships are shaky at home, or whose school performance is down, or whose behaviors are either risky or limiting their potential... There are no therapists on staff.

Sky's the Limit Fund, access wilderness therapy treatment and transitional services Aug 19

Do you know about how many families are helped by Sky’s the Limit Fund? Do you know about the recent evolution it has gone through? Do you need help with financing wilderness therapy treatment? Rochelle decided to help make wilderness an option for families in crisis with financial need.

Parenting From the Heart: The Gift of Saying No Aug 11

A teenager asks permission for something. When the parents say “No,” she responds with tears, threats, and emotional distancing. I inevitably watch parents squirm — they begin to question themselves... I’m on the edge of my seat at this point. Will Mom and Dad hold the boundary?

True Story: “Real World” Messier Than I Thought Jul 26

Coming out of a highly structured, intensive residential treatment program was more difficult than I thought. I had my days planned out for me, meals prepared (for free), and therapy was an expectation; I felt I was on top of the world when I left. The “Real World” has been harder than anticipated.

True Story: A Girl's Journey Into Treatment to Find Herself Jul 20

On October 7th, 2013, a girl was sent to her first Residential Treatment Center in Utah. She didn’t know who she was, what she believed in, or what a healthy relationship looked like, and didn’t want to know. She was lost, depressed, numb, anxious, and felt completely and utterly alone ...

What is a Recovery School? Jul 11

Recovery Schools give adolescents in recovery a safe, sober environment in which to attend high school classes with other teens who are also in recovery, and earn a diploma. Recovery high schools erase many of the negative peer pressures adolescents might face in a standard public high schools.

Interview with Evoke Therapy Programs co-founder Brad Reedy, Ph.D. Jul 5

Embracing my own therapeutic journey has given me greater compassion towards others and myself, which translates into less advice-giving and more empathy… So being a therapist is not sharing my wisdom with the less fortunate but to become a witness to my clients' journey in discovering their truth.

Interview with Emma Welch, founder and owner of Rites of Passage Wilderness Therapy Jun 29

We are an expedition model, meaning we move every day. Sometimes we have layover days in the most beautiful locations. The students never repeat trails. (We also offer “kayak trails” as well, once the group reaches maturity for safety reasons, and a sailing component for older students, too.)

An Accidentally Therapeutic Experience vs An Intentionally Therapeutic Experience Jun 21

Besides an amazing experience, personal growth, a two night solo, running every morning and the smell of Utah and the dirt enveloping me, was the clarity and realization that there was much more possible for me than mad skills with beer and cigarettes. The expedition slowed me down...

Understanding Intervention Jun 17

Interventions (“to interrupt or come between”) are most commonly used in behavioral health as a way for families and loved ones to address alcohol/drug addictions and substance abuse-related issues; they can also be utilized effectively with other mental health or relationship dysfunctions.

The Spectrum of Autism Spectrum Programs Jun 15

With the rise in Autism Spectrum Disorders for children aged 7 - 17, there has also been significant growth and development in treatment and intervention options within family-choice private programming.

Executive Order 13658 Affects Finances of Wilderness Therapy Apr 11

In 2014, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13658, raising the hourly minimum wage for all federally contracted employees to $10.15/hr as of January 1st 2016. ...virtually all wilderness therapy programs operate on federal land and, therefore, possess a federal contract...