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Inspiring excitement for learning, living and playing, the school promotes growth in academics as well as social, behavioral, and emotional intelligence. Hampshire Country School’s 1700 acres of New Hampshire farmland and woods, provide for the intentional integration of structured academic classes and experiential activities to nurture the bright, active, and curious side of each boy. Hampshire Country School specializes in teaching 2e learners and have been successfully supporting boys who have been diagnosed ASD 1, NLD, non-verbal learning disorders, ADHD, ADD, sensory integration difficulties, and similar diagnoses.

Since 1948, Hampshire Country School has been a unique and special place. It has been a haven for parents whose children needed someone to believe in them and to notice their strengths rather than their difficulties. It has been a school where students have come to believe in themselves, have accomplished more than they thought possible, and have made life-long attachments after thinking that friends were just something other people had.

Hampshire Country School is a place for brilliant and quirky boys who have both high intellectual potential and idiosyncrasies which may have not been well supported in traditional school settings. The school provides an unusual environment in which social and emotional challenges are less significant; students are relieved of the shame and fatigue they have endured while trying so hard to assimilate to other settings designed for neuro-typical children. We are not a treatment center and we do not aim to “cure” our students. Instead, the supportive and devoted faculty help their students better understand themselves, provide the experiences and cultivate the confidence necessary for them to love themselves as they are, and teach self advocacy skills which they can take with them after they leave this special place. At Hampshire Country School we offer more than simply “individualized education”. We use the most modern literature on neurodivergence and constant observation to inform our approaches and create carefully curated curricula which aim to harness each boy’s interests, highlight their strengths, and gently develop the skills they will need when they leave.

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