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Oliverian School is a non-profit, alternative, college-prep boarding school for adolescents who have not thrived in traditional settings. We fill the gap between traditional and therapeutic schools, providing the right mix of support and guided independence necessary for students to find their place in the world.

We provide a balance of autonomy and support to help students find and successfully occupy their place in the world. This experiential approach embraces both successes and setbacks as learning opportunities, fostering resiliency and preparing students for the emotional, social, and academic demands of college.

Oliverian School has a fully staffed counseling department who use the most current psychotherapeutic modalities to help students heal and grow. But it’s not uncommon for this serious personal growth work to take place over burgers at a local diner, during a walk in the woods, or while creaking up the mountain on a ski lift! The relational aspects of our model are effective for students who are “over-therapized” or otherwise therapy resistant.

We combine small classes, highly experiential approaches, and warm, supportive teacher-student relationships to make learning irresistible. Our classrooms are comfortable yet challenging places of discussion and inquiry where bright and often unconventional thinkers are safe to find their own best style of learning. Many students who have not thrived in traditional schools finally catch their stride academically at Oliverian, discover their intellectual interests, and learn how to learn.

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