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Boarding Schools

Students come to Rock Point School to fit in and stand out! We offer a small, supportive, co-ed, boarding high school for students who have not found much success in traditional school settings. They may have experienced extreme loss, been bullied, or felt left out. Rock Point is a place where young people are seen for who they are, supported in and out of the classroom, and experience academic and personal competence.

Located in Burlington, Vermont, on 130 acres on Lake Champlain and in a vibrant college town, we offer our students small, engaging classes, experiential learning, close relationships with staff, and ongoing opportunities to discover who they are. Academically, we support a range of learning styles, helping them improve their executive functioning and self-advocacy skills. We commonly support students with:

* All styles of learning: auditory, kinestetic, verbal, visual, etc.
* Processing Deficits
* Dislexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia
* Anxiety
* Depression
* School Refusal

If students need therapeutic supports, they can access community-based services such as local therapists and support groups. After school hours, we use all that Burlington and beyond has to offer. We encourage our students to try new activities, make friends, and discover what excites them — whether it be snowboarding, photography, playing an instrument, traveling, community service, or playing with our many dogs on campus.

Ownership Type

Name of Parent Company

Name of Sister Company

Type of Land
Privately Owned

Name of Land Owner
Episcopal Diocese of Vermont

Will you take a student from a wilderness therapy program?

Will you take a student from a Residential Treatment?

Do you require current Neuropsych testing?
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Are there therapists?
In Community

Size of the school
0 to 50

Do you require extracurricular sports?
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Additional schooling offerings
Summer School
Post Graduate

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Academic Accrediting Organizations

New England Association of Schools and Colleges Vermont Department of Education