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Clinical Team Leader | MA

Clinical Team Leader | MA

Published: April 3, 2023

In our innovative, mindfulness-based mental health program, Team Leaders work closely with colleagues to support adults who are recovering from psychiatric distress while they are living in an apartment in the Northampton community. This position offers an opportunity to engage in longer-term therapeutic work that privileges depth of connection. It requires a Master’s degree in mental health and an active contemplative practice. 30-40 hours/week, competitive pay with benefits.

Pay range & entry requirements:
• Salary commensurate with experience, with benefits
• Masters degree in social work, mental health counseling, or equivalent
• License, or in process
• Preferred: contemplative practice


• Spending individual time with clients often in 3-hour shifts, twice a week
• Supporting 2-3 teams (including facilitating weekly team meetings)
• Communicating with family members and participating in dialogical family work
• Engaging in ongoing Windhorse training that includes Open Dialogue, Contemplative Psychology, and Polyvagal Theory
• Participating in individual weekly supervision & several group supervisions
• Attending a weekly group contemplative practice to cultivate mindfulness and compassion
• Collaborating with colleagues and clients to create healthy choices in recovery


Curiosity, experience with people in extreme mind-states, contemplative practice, compassion, team collaboration, self-reflection, empathy, team facilitation and support, social systems awareness, precision, and timely reporting (minimal).


Vision, 401(k), Dental, Medical

About Windhorse Integrative Mental Health

An alternative nonprofit since 1993, Windhorse Integrative Mental Health is a community-integrated program for adults experiencing various mental health challenges (depression, schizoaffective disorder, trauma, bipolar, social anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.). Many clients face secondary addiction issues. While valuing clinical perspectives, we go beyond diagnostic labels to recognize each person’s strengths and history of sanity.

Windhorse operates in three locations: Northampton, MA; San Luis Obispo, CA; Portland, OR

An alternative to current mental health residential treatment programs, Windhorse uses multi-disciplinary clinical teams and therapeutic households in the community to support our client’s recovery journey. Clients receive more therapeutic 1-on-1 time with clinicians each week then most other programs. Through this strong web of support, Windhorse clients live with the same dignity and respect as their peers whose lives have not been disrupted by a mental illness.

Our program is based on three healing principles:

– All human beings are fundamentally sane
– If a healthy environment is created, clients will have a greater probability of recovery
– Recovery is discovering one’s own fundamental health and sanity

No matter how severely confused a mind has become, recovery is possible.

To apply, please send your resume to