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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning is the constellation of higher-order processes that allow adults to consider the “Big Picture” and strategize, and delay gratification; in general, it is the ability of the brain to plan, organize, remember, manage time and remain flexible, when necessary. Many sufferers of emotional or learning disabilities do not have this combination of functions, but good interventions help accommodate and improve for deficits as well as improve the fundamentals. With ... neuroimaging and other technologies, we now know that the last major growth spurt of the brain, fully wiring the critical prefrontal cortex, takes place around the ages 19 to 25. This frontal lobe development makes possible the kind of thoughtful reflection that is a hallmark of adulthood, in contrast to [normal] adolescent impulsivity and reactivity.” Deficits in executive function are hallmarks of learning disabilities, mood disorders, autism spectrum, and can be argued as a cause for some “complicated launching” (Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D, “Brain Development and Executive Functioning”)



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