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Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Interventions Industry (FCBHI)

The Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Interventions Industry (FCBHI), also referred to as “private-pay” treatment providers focus on the treatment/recovery options for teens and young adults who are primarily going to pay for the treatment out of pocket and not through an insurance-driven model. This subset of the larger Behavioral Healthcare industry has many boutique treatment centers that are owner run and operated that specifically focus on troubled teens and young adults. In 2016 the first economic impact study was completed, estimating that in the state of Utah alone, FCBHI brings in over $423 million each year. This was a low number because of many different factors from the economic modeling that was used by the University of Utah. However, this number is the only benchmark for the FCBHI, to over 3 billion dollars annually on a national level. Many of the FCBHI industry members are also members of NATSAP and OBH

Note: some of these treatment providers like Wilderness Therapy programs are becoming more successful with insurance reimbursement in 2017.