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Good Lives Model (GLM)

The Good Lives Model offers a respectful and engaging treatment model for sexual offenders.  “A central assumption of the GLM is that offending results from problems in the way an individual seeks to attain primary human goods… (for example,  happiness, relationships/friendships, and experiencing mastery in work and leisure activities). Identifying the primary goods that are most important to clients, and those that are implicated in the offence process, constitutes a fundamental component of assessment because treatment explicitly aims to assist clients to attain these primary goods in personally meaningful, rewarding, and non-harmful ways in addition to addressing re-offence risk.” (From the Visiting Experts presentation, Ward, Yates, & Long, 2006; Yates, Prescott, & Ward, 2010; Yates & Ward, 2008; http://www.unafei.or.jp/english/pdf/RS_No91/No91_10VE_Prescott.pdf.)