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Short Term Workshops

Workshops are intense, short-term group exercises to highlight and grapple with common issues focused on by the individual participants, where each can become aware of and practice challenging old dysfunctional patterns and to formulate support and planning for the future.  Generally, these multi-day workshops are held in dramatically natural environments, with plush creature comforts overnight and during meals.  There are different types of clinical underpinnings to these programs and it important for a participant to understand their need and if this model will help to meet that need.  A workshop might focus on intimate relationships, family of origin issues, shame or trauma or other general topics, with the group working to discover and test concepts that were unspoken or even unconscious; intensity and value builds as the trust and quick honesty (‘congruence’) generates.   Workshop facilitators provide the value of a gentle coaching and guidance, and officiate the need for patience and sensitivity as participants rub up against insecurities and the more raw, untested beliefs.

Workshops are inappropriate as primary treatment; however, they can be profoundly valuable for invigorating individuals and families under duress or seeking new perspectives to life’s challenges.


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