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The OQ-45 (for adult clients)

The OQ-45 measures Symptom Distress, Interpersonal Relations and Social Role Performance. (The OQ-45 is the adult version of the Y-OQ.) “A product of over two decades of research by Dr. Michael Lambert, the OQ®-45.2 is a self-report Outcome Measure designed for repeated measurement of [adult] client progress while in therapy and following termination. The OQ®-45.2 measures three subscales: Symptom Distress (depression and anxiety) Interpersonal Relationships (loneliness, conflict with others and marriage and family difficulties) Social Role (difficulties in the workplace, school or home duties) The subscales are used to identify and target particularly problematic areas as a focus of treatment. The OQ-45 was developed by Dr. Michael Lambert and Dr. Gary Burlingame with more information available at: http://www.oqmeasures.com/ The YOQ & OQ-45 are the primary measures that OBH and NATSAP are using to measure their outcomes. For more information on this, please see interview with Mike Petree. http://www.oqmeasures.com/measures/adult-measures/oq-45/