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Director of Admissions | Heber, UT

Director of Admissions | Heber, UT

1268 N Valley Heights Circle
Heber City, UT 84032
United States


Posted on July 7, 2022


Helping students with Autism in beautiful Heber City Utah at New Focus Academy. Work 2 to 3 days onsite and work from home the other days. Our director of admissions maintains three core job duties: work with referral sources (including marketing), evaluate potential students, and manage the comprehensive admissions process. They will also often serve as a point of contact for parents as they are going through and initially entering the program.

The Director of Admissions will take the main role of admissions and marketing. The position will be focused on growth and marketing of New Focus Academy (NFA) including: setting tangible goals, directing the admissions process/team and related goals, generating and systematizing referral resources (e.g., Educational Consultant’s, other programs, school districts, etc. and working with insurance & denials management type services).

The position will work directly with the Executive Director on the Policies and Procedures involved with Admissions and Marketing functions. The Director of Admissions will be directly in charge of hiring and reviewing staff under the admissions departments. The position will be charged with hiring, teaching, evaluating, providing positive recognition, correction, and discipline of those working under their direction.

The Director of Admissions oversees all aspects of the inquiry and admissions process. This person works to assure that the program is filled with the appropriate amount of qualified students, and supports marketing efforts and plans related to this goal. Further the person will work with the Executive Director to create clear criteria for admissions, evaluation methods of potential students and their families, and functional easy to understand training for the admissions department. While the Director of Admissions would not need to lead every tour, or go on every marketing trip, the position would be the lead person responsible for setting up and planning tours and marketing trips. Typically plan on 5 to 8 trips a year for marketing. The person would facilitate the creation of marketing materials, and the wise use of marketing resources and strategies.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supporting, cooperating with, implementing and enforcing confidentiality of all data, including client, employee and company records and information.
  • Maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment as outlined by policy and procedures and adhering to the Utah State Human Services Provider Code of Conduct.
  • Assisting in maintaining a clean and neat facility both indoors and outdoors related to tours.
  • Ensuring all financial information, including company, client and prospective client financial information, is kept strictly confidential and secured, and that such information is used strictly for New Focus’ business and operational purposes.
  • To demonstrate commitment and responsibility in completing all job duties, including:
  • Directing the admissions process from point of inquiry through enrollment.
  • Maintaining relationships with referring professionals; ensuring continued and timely communication regarding their clients.
  • Presenting the school to prospective parents, which includes systematic and efficient handling of applications and communications with parents; tours of the program; securing of necessary student academic, psychiatric and medical information; and communicating final decisions to the appropriate individuals.
  • Supporting the coordination and execution of tours with consultants, and other professionals, which are primarily managed by the Director of Admissions.
  • Working closely with the marketing team to develop admissions and marketing strategies.
  • Working closely with the Clinical Director, Program-Operations Director, and Executive Director to determine clinical appropriateness of possible admissions.
  • Attends weekly Leadership Team Meeting and has voting power within the team.
  • Promoting good relationships and creating networking opportunities and support for representatives with outside institutions or groups.
  • Attending conferences, marketing events and travel out of state to visit referring professionals.
  • Completing all in-service and module training requirements as required by company.
  • Ensuring all incoming client paperwork is received and distributed to appropriate staff and Administrative/HR assistant for chart completion.
  • Assisting the organization in other areas as needed.


2+ years experience in an adolescent RTC setting
Bachelor’s Degree in related field
CPR and First Aid certification
Knowledge of admissions & Educational Consultant Community
Self-starter possessing a strong work ethic
Positive leader who is able to delegate
Customer Service Oriented
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Able to travel up to twice a month