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Executive Director

Executive Director

141 W Gilman St
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
United States



Posted on April 2, 2024


The Executive Director manages all aspects of Mansfield Hall’s program at a specific Mansfield Hall site (Madison, WI).  As a member of the Leadership Team, the Executive Director is expected to embody and promote the mission, values, philosophy, and vision of the organization, and to incorporate them into every aspect of the Mansfield Hall community’s daily programming.


Leadership and Vision:
  • Cultivate a culture that nurtures the potential of staff and students through a community of belonging, support, empowerment, initiative, collaboration, curiosity, wellbeing, and growth.
  • Lead and support the supervision of all staff to offer their best selves, skills, and strengths to their work. This includes providing coaching and supervision to the managers on your team, and establishing inter-team communication and cohesiveness, supporting the practice of active listening.
  • Ensure your team has the appropriate training and professional development opportunities in the core content areas and evidence-based practices that align with our core mission, vision, and values. These include but are not limited to Neurodiversity, Autism, Executive Functioning Challenges, Anxiety and Stress Management, Suicidal ideation, Young Adult Development, Collaborative Problem Solving, Motivational Interviewing, Social Emotional Learning Universal Design, and Restorative Practices.
  • Solicit and implement stakeholder feedback related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure DEI goals are reflected in hiring practices and daily programming:
  • Celebrate the diversity of our staff and clients,
  • Create an atmosphere of acceptance, unity, and respect.
  • Pursue racial and social justice goals by involving diverse voices in all discussions
  • Review policies and procedures using a racial justice lens
  • Prioritize and develop multi-cultural celebrations and traditions
  • Seek out community activities and partnerships that support the goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Operational Oversight:
  • Oversee the delivery of high-quality and consistent programming to clients across our Four Core Areas of Living, Learning, Giving, and Engaging
  • Lead our student-centered goal-setting process, and incorporate a strengths-based approach into all aspects of our program to align with vision and values and promote student success
  • Build positive and productive relationships with our families as our customers and as members of the student’s team. Provide appropriate information so they understand our services, the limitations of our services, and how these align or misalign with the specific needs of their young adult.
  • Provide risk prevention screening/crisis intervention and support to staff for students experiencing secondary mental health symptoms of self-harm, suicidal ideation, and other presenting challenges. Partner with our Vice President, Program Operations to assess if a student can remain safe in our community or needs to transition to a higher level of therapeutic support.
  • When a student is struggling in ways that stretch the program or go beyond our capacity, the Executive Director manage our restorative response through team supervision, coordinating with external stakeholders (parents, educational consultants), partnering with the Vice President of Program Operations, and our Director of Social Emotional Learning and SEL Specialist through a restorative practice lens, on assessing a student’s ability to take accountability and partner effectively in being a healthy, positive member of our community. If a student’s actions are harming others or the community and they are unable to take steps to repair, partner with all necessary stakeholders on a transition out of the program and ensure that all impacted members of the community are supported and given a voice, and the student is given every opportunity to learn from the situation when possible
  • The Executive Director is expected to participate in rotational on-call duties as needed to ensure the smooth operation and continuous support of the organization. This includes being reachable during designated and/or out of regular office hour on-call periods, which may include evenings, weekends, and holidays. On-call responsibilities include:
    • Collaboration with team members, various departments, and external stakeholders to coordinate and resolve on-call issues effectively, leveraging resources and expertise as needed
    • Adhere to organizational policies, procedures, and protocols related to on-call responsibilities, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards
    • Document on-call incidents, actions taken, and follow-up steps to ensure accountability, continuity of student/staff/stakeholder care and support, and organizational learning
  • Partner with Human Resources for hiring, training, and development of new staff.
  • Ensure compliance with established policies in human resources, financial management, programming, and legal arenas. Identify gaps and build consensus to design and implement new policies.
    • Manage and oversee the annual processes of transition planning and recommendations for students’ re-enrollment in our residential program or enrollment in our Connections program. This involves managing and supporting many stakeholders, holding more than one perspective about student and family needs as well as business considerations, and servicing as internal admissions for current students
  • Maintain a professional and welcoming physical environment and oversee facilities management for the physical site with the support of the Executive Team.
Financial Management
  • Partner with the Executive Team to create an annual budget; manage staffing, census, resource allocation, and expenses to monitor and meet Mansfield Hall’s site-specific and overall financial goals to ensure the organization’s fiscal health while participating in strategic decisions to optimize financial resources.
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Create and sustain meaningful relationships with our educational consultants and other referring professionals to ensure the strongest support team for each student and also to continue to differentiate our role in the market and ensure ongoing referrals to our program.
  • Create and sustain meaningful relationships with local educational institutions and community resources. This includes an understanding of the registration process, higher education landscape, etc., and strong allies and relationships on each partnering campus.
Strategic Planning
  • Help design and implement innovative programs and roll out new initiatives in collaboration with the Executive Team and the site team in such a way that change and innovation are embraced, obstacles are overcome, and integration is successful
  • Monitoring industry trends, best practices, and emerging issues to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. Leading initiatives to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.


  • A graduate degree in the social or behavioral sciences
  • 3-5 years of crisis intervention, self-harm/suicidal ideation screening
  • 3-5 years of leadership experience as a school principal, head of a department, Executive or Associate Director, or similar position
  • Extensive experience with coaching individuals, supervising employees, and project management
  • Specific knowledge of and experience with some of the following topics and evidence-based practices: Neurodiversity, Autism, Executive Functioning Challenges, Anxiety and Stress Management, self-harm and suicidal ideation, Young Adult Development, Collaborative Problem Solving, Motivational Interviewing, Social Thinking, Universal Design, and Restorative Practices
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Principles consistent with Mansfield Hall’s mission, vision, values, and passion for creating a community with a strong sense of belonging for all participants
  • Demonstrated leadership ability, willingness to cultivate stakeholder relationships, and the ability to delegate responsibility when appropriate
  • Knowledge of budgeting and budget monitoring
  • Ability to relate to diverse internal and external stakeholders including students, parents and families, staff, service providers, community members, and referring professionals
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a team
  • Ability to interact with compassion and respect, and to react with resilience
  • Ability to adapt to and lead change with warmth and compassion
  • Ability to work in a residential environment with responsibilities outside of regular business hours
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Exceptional executive functioning and organizational skills


401(k), 401(k) matching, Dental Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Paid time off, Vision insurance