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OPLM has parent and caregiver support groups as well as weekly speakers and a monthly expert panel for Q&A.

Other Parents Like Me, LLC (OPLM) lets parents know they are not alone. This subscription based online platform and virtual community is designed to create a safe space with the access and support parents need as they move from crisis to healing.

Daily Zoom support groups: Parent-led — currently offering multiple daily support, with early morning, identity-based, late night, and more.

Speakers & online events: Featuring parents and leading experts

Member accounts: Includes two unique profiles per account allowing up to 4 family members to participate

Parent stories & blog posts: with insights into the journey of parents like you

A resource-rich hub: Podcasts, articles, glossary, apps, books, organizations

Support directory: Professionals and organizations in the recovery/wellness space

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Parent Coach training from Partnership to End Addiction, Personal Life Experiences to share hope, help and healing.

National Association of Schools & Programs (NATSAP)

Peer Parents have been trained in multiple modes of family recovery for mental health and substance use issues through SMART, C.R.A.F.T. and 12 steps.

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Parent Coaching

Addiction | Substance Treatment
Crisis Situations
Eating Disorders
Family Systems
Gender Identity
Young Adults