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PBJF provides grants for teens & young adults to attend OBH programs, in person parent support groups, & community centered, adventure-based coaching.

PBJF provides financial assistance for teens, young adults, and families in-crisis to receive hope and healing through our OBH Wilderness Program Partners. PBJF also offers monthly in person parent group support, and community centered, adventure-based aftercare coaching.

We collaborate directly with our OBH program partners and families to provide the most financial support possible based on financial need.

As part of our monthly parent support groups we connect directly with parents through parent-facilitated, local, in-person meet-ups..

Within our Wilderness4Life program, we offer direct year-round services for teens, young adults, & parents in adventure-based, experiential, community centered, aftercare coaching.—“Bringing Wilderness Home.”

We are a 501(c)3 public charity and rely on your generous donations to provide life-saving and life-changing grants and services to Pacific NW families.

“Wouldn’t it be ‘tight’ if we could send just one kid a year to Wilderness?”—Parker

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> 50

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501(c)3 Public Charity EIN 81-3500151

National Association of Addication & Treatment Providers (NATAAP)

Friends of OBH Council, AEE, TAPG

BA Business Administration, UW—finance, marketing

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> 50

OBH Wilderness Therapy Programs

Young Adults