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Headaches – Mind & Body

It always amazes me the research that I am lucky enough to read, pause and think about during my days.   This was just one of those research articles —  the Journal Headache has published a study showing that children who witness violence in childhood have a higher chance of experiencing migraines as adults.


This is another reminder supporting how one experiences the world in the present may have precedents from deep in the past – childhood trauma may create debilitating headaches in the present. The study did not show a direct cause and effect, but also didn’t rule it out.


As a person who has had more migraines in my 40’s than any other time in life, it gives me pause to contemplate what is happening in my body and mind and the changes to life.  Initially, I thought  my migraines were caused by dehydration; after all I live in Utah.  Alas, my “drink more water” solution is not the solution it was in my 30’s.  I am looking for connections and reasons (and cures) for why my head is exploding.  What is going on for me — stress or worse hormones?  I do not have the answers, but it may be my body telling me to slow down and relax.  

So take the time, slow down and think about what you need as a parent to support your troubled teen or young adult.   The headache or body pain is usually tied to something else.  As any first responder learns in class, first, do not become a victim.  Do not forgot the value of self care and find out what you need.



About the Author

Jenney Wilder M.S.Ed launched All Kinds of Therapy in 2015, as the only independent online directory for the Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Industry. With an impressive case of ADHD and her starter career in the 90’s in Silicon Valley, the dream for creating a website with features like side-by-side comparison and an integrated newsletter was born. Jenney stopped counting treatment centers and all types of schools that she has visited when she hit 500 many years ago. She was the sponsoring author of the only Economic Impact Study of the Family Choice Behavioral Healthcare Industry, which revealed the only true financial figures about this industry (in Utah). Jenney has a Masters in Special Education from Bank Street College (NY) and a Bachelors of Arts focused on History from Wheaton College (MA).