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Math Teacher | UT

Math Teacher | UT

Program: Telos
Published: May 21, 2023

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The math teacher at Telos Academy is responsible for instructing students on mathematics curriculum, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, algebra II, and pre-calculus. They will instruct, evaluate, encourage, monitor, and record the progress of individual students.


  • Teach students how to apply mathematical principles to solve problems, including equations, word problems, statistics, and binomials.
  • Teach students the language of math.
  • Create instructional resources for use in the classroom.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities.
  • Create a positive educational climate for students to learn in
  • Use hands-on activities and labs to enhance and reinforce student learning.
  • Create projects designed to enhance instruction..
  • Read and stay abreast of current topics in education.
  • Utilize various curriculum resources.
  • Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
  • Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational needs of the students.
  • Develop incentives to keep participants engaged in class.
  • Tutor students on an individual basis.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  • Plans, prepares and delivers lessons daily that are in accordance with the Utah State Core and adjusts lessons according to the student’s mastery of standards found in the Core
  • Monitors student progress by correcting work, giving appropriate feedback and maintaining records of each student’s progress and development, including updating grades and other information in Power School daily
  • Meets with students daily to review progress
  • Coordinates and meets with therapists, department representatives and lead supervisors as needed.
  • Participates in and organizes extracurricular activities as assigned by supervisor
  • Participates in faculty and PLC meetings as assigned
  • Communicates with parents as needed
  • Manages pupil behavior in the classroom in conjunction with Telos trained mentors
  • Participates in parent teacher conferences/family days
  • Participates in planned committees as needed
  • Researches new topic areas and maintains up-to-date subject knowledge
  • Plans curriculum for the quarter/semester
  • Supervision of independent work as needed
  • Continued professional growth through attendance at workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced course work at institutions of higher learning, as available
  • Selects and uses a range of different learning resources and equipment
  • Completes recertification licensure through continuing education
  • Completes residential certifications and classes such as CPR, 1st Aid, Processing Training, TB Tests, Restraint Training, etc.


  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics with teaching qualification, or equivalent.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Capacity to supervise group work.
  • Outstanding planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Supportive, flexible disposition.
  • A basic understanding of the disorders Telos treats or a willingness to learn about these disorders
  • Experience with Power School or a willingness to learn and utilize PowerSchool
  • A love of working with and teaching adolescents
  • A desire to be a team player



Vision, 401(k), Dental, Medical, Life Insurance

About Telos

Typical students at Telos are bright yet underachieving. Many students get lost in traditional academic settings, needing a higher level of individualized support. Telos students tend to be soft hearted, behaviorally mild and clinically complex.

Two campuses:
– The Center St Campus is home to Telos Academy, a residential and academic program for adolescent boys.
– The Geneva Campus is home to Telos U, a co-ed (young women and men) program offering students a continuum of support from residential treatment to independent living as they pursue education and employment. Also on this campus is the Telos Senior House, a residential support program for adolescent boys age 17.5-18 still working on high school, that celebrates older students with age-appropriate activities and friends.

Telos staff learn and practice a high standard of care. A kind and patient way of being, relational coaching and a gift for connecting with young people are qualities exemplified by our staff. Employees are certified in important professional competencies designed to promote excellence and best practices across all program domains. A hallmark of our program is the ability of staff to get clinical interventions out of the therapist’s office and into the larger milieu, thus maximizing the power of quality residential treatment.

Telos is a principles-based, individualized treatment program. Going beyond simple behavioral conditioning, students learn the “why” behind rules, increasing the likelihood of a lifestyle that long outlasts their time in the program.

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