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Mental Health Worker | Therapeutic Care Specialist | CO

Mental Health Worker | Therapeutic Care Specialist | CO

Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center

Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center
600 S. Cherry St., Suite 217
Glendale, Colorado 80246
United States


Posted on May 1, 2023


We are looking to add to our rapidly growing team and program with people who:

  • Have a special place in their heart for youth, teens, or young adults with special needs
  • Are interested in expanding their professional skills
  • Have an internal sense of professional motivation
  • Are flexible, detail-oriented, and have an innate ability to connect with kids
  • Have the ability to communicate clearly and meet deadlines as part of a larger multi-disciplinary clinical team
  • Are curious and interested in being a contributing member of a highly skilled professional team
  • Have a demonstrated ability and clear understanding of professional effectiveness in the workplace
  • Have interests and hobbies related to: outdoor activities, health, fitness, and wellness (e.g., working out, mountain biking, rock climbing, yoga, woodworking, cooking, video and filming, photography, computer programming, etc…) Equinox is a place in which TCS staff are encouraged to bring their interests to the workplace, which will further expose clients to hobbies, health, and wellness
  • Are life-long learners


  • Learn and operationalize clinical models within our Equinox approach
  • Work collaboratively with the clients, lead clinician and treatment team
  • Plan activities that support treatment goals and engage youth in the program and community
  • Demonstrate good communication and rapport-building skills with both clients, parents, and co-workers
  • Confidently and effectively manage the milieu and other groups
  • Competently and confidently communicate/interact with school professionals and other treatment providers to assist with monitoring and client support
  • Close supervision and collaboration with school to monitor/support academic responsibilities
  • Ability to creatively work with teens / young adults, have fun, handle stressful situations and have the desire to learn clinical interventions and therapeutic approaches to community-based work
  • Work independently in the community while working in close collaboration with the client’s intensive treatment team
  • Identify information and resources in local communities which can be used in our activities and involvement of our youth
  • Engage youth in activities and teach valuable life skills to empower them and allow them to develop their own strengths and abilities while having fun fully
  • Provide youth with opportunities to develop leadership, communication, and other skills to make positive life choices about their future
  • Provide a caring, warm environment for the client through setting clear boundaries, supporting, encouraging, comfortably interacting to help build self-esteem, age-appropriate interpersonal skills, positive thinking, problem-solving, social cues and language, coping skills, respect for others and self
  • Participate in team meetings, clinical rounds, and client staffing
  • Complete progress notes and monthly summaries in a timely fashion


  • Bachelors in Psychology, Special Education, or related field required. Masters preferred.
  • Two years experience working with youth, teens & young adults that have social and learning differences, executive functioning deficits, may be on the autism spectrum (High-Functioning), are neuro-diverse with ADD / ADHD, or struggling with anxiety, depression, and co-occurring mental health diagnoses.
  • Resume, a cover letter, and three letters of recommendation from professional references.
  • Include contact information for your reference.


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