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Diagnostic Assessment

A primary level of treatment — stabilization, assessment and treatment — is available in a secured psychiatric hospital, where significant focus can be focused on diagnostic assessment.  The average length of stay in a psychiatric hospital is usually measured in weeks, allowing for significant observation by professionals, controlled access to distractions (recreational drugs, irregular sleep, unsafe behaviors), and clinical assessment of any psychopharmacological needs. This is not an insurance driven model, meaning that insurance might cover portions of it, but generally not all.  Some of the programs focus more on the stabilization and assessment than getting the client into deeper clinical work.  The different therapeutic groups or activities inform the treatment team and the diagnosis and assessment informs the treatment. Hospital models  encourage familial involvement.  The staff to student ratio is high and the frequency with which the psychiatrist or medical doctor on the case sees the client depends on the model (or need). This level of care has a strong multidisciplinary treatment team approach.

At the end of hospitalization the family receives a discharge summary.  Many programs include a psychological report with a variety of different tests to verify the assessment. These reports include many different validated  tests that analyze emotional and cognitive functioning, aptitude, personality characteristics and other more precise measures.  Like other primary treatment options, recommendations for aftercare either in home or out of the home are part of the discharge recommendations.

Basic Listings

Menninger - Adolescent
Houston, TX
Northwest Passage Child & Adolescent Center
Frederic, WI
Pallet Idea
Princeton House Behaviorial Health
Princeton, NJ
Rogers Memorial Hospital - Child & Adolescent Center
Oconomowoc, WI
Silver Hill Hospital
New Canaan, CT
Viewpoint Assessment
Syracuse, UT
Visions Adolescent Treatment Center
Malibu, CA
Williams House at The Lindner Center of HOPE
Mason, OH
Woodbourne Center - Nexus
Baltimore, MD