Young Adults


Young Adult Detox Therapy Programs

There are three goals to a detox, according to the SAMHSA Quick Guide: evaluation, stabilization, and fostering a patient readiness for entry into treatment. Detoxification can occur in a wide range of medical settings, but long-term success is dependent on the client’s readiness, available support network and an environment that supports abstinence.  Many young adult detox facilities work with insurance companies, and precertification is generally necessary.

While some young adult detox therapy programs specializing in substance abuse and recovery can accept some heavy users directly, with acceptance depending on amount, frequency and span of use, medically-qualified facilities are required for some detoxification from benzodiazepines, alcohol, opioids. Seek medical confirmation prior to admitting into a less clinical facility offering detox support.

Basic Listings

Alta Mira
Sausalito, CA
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital
Los Angeles, CA
Safe Harbor's Cherish Detox
Huntington Beach, CA
St Vincents Behavioral Health Services
Westport, CT
The Center for Success and Independence
Houston, TX