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Young Adult DX Assessment

Diagnostic assessment at a psychiatric hospital has 3 primary goals: stabilization then assessment and treatment.  Placement in a psychiatric setting provides logistical and psychological containment, either in a hospital or retreat setting free from unhealthy substances, and with managed behavioral options, stabilized medication and structured healthy living (sleep and nutrition control). The setting is generally locked, and have 24 hour nursing support and all staff (education, medical, meal, etc) assist in observing and reporting behaviors for clinical evaluation. The staff to client ratio is high and the psychiatrist or medical doctor on the case could interact with the young adult child multiple times in a week. Clients may be admitted for a variety of reasons spanning from suicidal behaviors, personality disorders, acute primary psychosis,  or parasuicidal gestures.

At the end of the stay, the participant receives a discharge summary and often a full psychological report or sometimes a neuropsychological report.  These reports include many validated tests of emotional and cognitive functioning, aptitude, personality and relevant specific measures.  The other piece of the discharge summary and the treatment process is that the participant is an active participant in her or his  aftercare planning.  

Continuing academics or family system work are not the focus of this form of primary treatment; family interactions vary based off of the setting but typically are for valuable emotional support since the length of stay does not allow for deep family systems work to be undertaken.

Basic Listings

Austen Riggs Center
Stockbridge, MA
Coeur D'alene, ID
Lindner Center of HOPE Sibcy House
Mason, OH
Menninger Compass
Houston, TX
Princeton House Behaviorial Health
Princeton, NJ
Silver Hill Hospital
New Canaan, CT