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Program Instructor

Program Instructor

Rooted Life Adventures | Summer 2024 Costa Rica 6-Week Teen Girls *14-17

Dominical – San Isidro PZ
, San José Province
Costa Rica



Posted on March 29, 2024


Program Instructor
Location: Costa Rica

Reports to: Wellness Director, Executive Director

Contract dates:

  • 6-week program (June 13- July 24, 2024)
  •  3-day pre-program training (dates TBD)
  • 1-2 days program wrap


About Rooted Life Adventures

Founded in 2022, Rooted Life Adventures is an innovative approach to mental health and wellness. This program is the first of its kind: a psychoeducational adventure program partnering with participant’s at-home talk therapists creating a forward-thinking, holistic alternative to traditional adventure therapy programming. We serve both adolescents ages 15-17 and young adults ages 18-24.


We offer a 10-week Spring program, a 6-week Summer program and a 10-week Fall program in 3 locations: Costa Rica, Hawaii, and New Zealand. During  program the Wellness Director, 2 program instructors, and the students live together in community in a (pretty fantastic) house in one of these dream locations while heading out for outdoor adventure excursions, cultural immersion activities, volunteer service learning projects, and stay in for wellness workshops, weekly psychoeducational core curriculum sessions, and homestead stewardship.


***RLA is a start-up, a new innovative program created to target the specific post covid, Gen Z student, often experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, social issues, or deep seeded loneliness in this technological age. We are not suited for students experiencing acute mental health crises or exhibiting high risk behaviour.


Who are we looking for: 


This position is ideal for candidates with experience as a:

    • Gap Year Instructor
    • Adventure Therapy Field Instructor
  • Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor
  • Adventure Program Instructor
  • Outdoor Guide


Role of Program Instructor

  • Create an environment of wellness and acceptance on program
  • Deliver the program itinerary, initiatives, and outcomes of developing a strong sense of self, belonging, capability, and purpose
  • Support and facilitate student’s individual psychoeducational and at times academic development and reflective moments. Purposefully engage with students in direct experience and focused reflection to support learning, skill development, and values clarification
  • Ensure that students and families are receiving the highest quality care
  • Coordinate with Headquarter staff while in the field
  • Coordinate with in-country local agent, operators, and accommodation providers
  • Assist the Wellness Director to develop and maintain a global network of operator relationships
  • Own all risk management, incident management, and behavioural management on program 24/7, supported by your Wellness Director, Co-program instructor, local operators, and HQ
  • Own, develop, and maintain all operating and safety procedures 24/7, supported by your Wellness Director, Co-program instructor, local operators, and HQ
  • Facilitate students learning life skills: meal prepping, grocery shopping, budgeting, cooking 2 meals a day, laundry, cleaning
  • Facilitate the daily schedule, go times, and the students have adequate gear for each activity.
  • Participate in marketing activities
  • Participate in a multitude of thrilling but active outdoor games, adventure excursions, cultural immersion activities, and physical labour oriented volunteer service learning projects
  • Keep firm professional boundaries
  • Facilitate Group experience, Forming Norming, Storming, and Performing
  • Facilitate group conflict and experience– this means making sure that the group is working together optimally and managing disruptive or antisocial behavior
  • Support students in addressing medical concerns while on the program
  • Respond promptly to concerns of student mental health, following our protocol regarding safety,reporting, and scope of practice
  • Facilitate and frame multiple experiential educational activities and debriefs and implement a successful orientation, program curriculum, and re-entry preparation/program wrap
  • Keep accurate financial records and maintain program budget
  • Be an outstanding role model and mentor
  • Carefully log any incidents, accidents, and student tracking needed
  • Provide detailed feedback on the itinerary, curriculum, experience, and potential partners/activities for future programs and identify opportunities for improvement, offering suggestions and local knowledge as appropriate


Required Skills, Experience, and Certifications

  • 2+ years in a related field, gap year / wilderness therapy etc
  • WFA certified
  • 1st Aid & CPR certified
  • Crisis Intervention Instructor certified
  • Fantastic facilitation skills
  • Strong professional boundaries
  • Strong risk and safety management skills
  • Current driver’s licence (within 30 days of employment)
  • Able to pass motor vehicle record check
  • Able to pass criminal investigation background check
  • Physically and emotionally fit with self-care practices and energy to withstand demanding and dynamic work while traveling
  • Fluency in English – spoken and written


  • Fluency in Spanish – spoken and written
  • LifeGuard certified
  • Photography/ videography skills
  • Yoga instructor

Apply for this job:

Interested parties submit a CV to

Please note: your resume should include education, work experience, and certifications

RLA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and committed to enriching the therapeutic and healing experience it offers through the diversity of its employees and community.


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