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Solstice West Announces Spring Parent-Student Trip to Moab

NewsletterPublished: March 1, 2024Newsletters, Programming - Trips - Visitors

Solstice West Empowers Students with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

NewsletterPublished: February 2, 2024Newsletters, Programming Evolution

Solstice West Advances Healing for Trauma and Attachment Issues at ATTACh

NewsletterPublished: December 4, 2023Programming - Trips - Visitors

Michael Sanders Joins Solstice West as Director of Adventure Programming

NewsletterPublished: November 6, 2023Personnel Changes

Solstice West Introduces Recreational Therapy, Led by Caitlyn Belcher

NewsletterPublished: October 2, 2023Personnel Changes

Solstice West Announces the Promotion of TJ Rowden, Ph.D., CMHC to Clinical Director

NewsletterPublished: September 11, 2023Personnel Changes

Solstice West: Substance Use and Treatment in a Residential Treatment Center

NewsletterPublished: June 9, 2023Programming Evolution

Solstice West RTC Announces Kim Peterson as Admissions Director

NewsletterPublished: January 12, 2022Personnel Changes

Solstice West RTC Implements MindUP Curriculum to Promote Academic Success

NewsletterPublished: November 10, 2021Programming Evolution

Solstice West RTC Introduces New Executive Director Charlie Falatea

NewsletterPublished: June 16, 2021Personnel Changes

Solstice West RTC Clinical Team Completes Additional Therapeutic Training and Certifications

NewsletterPublished: December 9, 2020Trainings

Solstice West RTC Hosts Parent-Child Camping Trip in Moab, UT

NewsletterPublished: October 7, 2020Programming - Trips - Visitors

Solstice West RTC Promotes Kim England, MBA, MS, CMHC to Equine Director

NewsletterPublished: September 16, 2020Personnel Changes

Solstice West Students Embrace Learning During Covid-19

NewsletterPublished: June 10, 2020Programming Evolution

Solstice West RTC Promotes Stacey Rosenberg to Program Director

NewsletterPublished: May 6, 2020Personnel Changes

Solstice West Welcomes New Clinical Director, Jaime Palmer, MSW, LCSW

NewsletterPublished: April 8, 2020Personnel Changes

Solstice East Adds Two New Therapists to Clinical Team

NewsletterPublished: October 2, 2023Personnel Changes

Solstice East Increases Community-Based Programming

NewsletterPublished: July 10, 2023Programming Evolution

Solstice East Takes Families to Utah for Week-Long Excursion

NewsletterPublished: May 4, 2022Programming - Trips - Visitors

Journey Home West and Journey Home Young Adult Announce Andrea Jones, LCSW, as Clinical Director

NewsletterPublished: February 9, 2022Personnel Changes

Solstice East Welcomes Kristina Burgess as Primary Therapist

NewsletterPublished: August 11, 2021Personnel Changes

Solstice RTC Announces New Clinical Director and Addition of Primary Therapists

NewsletterPublished: July 14, 2021Personnel Changes

Solstice East Offers Month of Social and Racial Justice Education for Students and Staff

NewsletterPublished: July 15, 2020Programming - Trips - Visitors

Solstice East Debuts Evolved DBT Approach Into Its RTC Programming

NewsletterPublished: April 8, 2020Programming Evolution

Solstice RTC Clinical Team Increases Knowledge of Equine Education

NewsletterPublished: March 4, 2020Trainings

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training Presents at 3 Upcoming Events & Celebrates Client & Employee Growth

NewsletterPublished: September 15, 2021Programming Evolution

Journey Home East Welcomes New Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Finch, MD

NewsletterPublished: September 16, 2020Personnel Changes
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