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Joanna Lilley, MA, NCC, is the founder of Lilley Consulting, a Therapeutic Consulting practice that specializes in supporting emerging adults (18+) and their families. Support includes program research and recommendations, case management, and continuum of care advocacy. Each family that reaches out to Lilley Consulting typically falls into one of three categories: - Upcoming transition to adulthood and unraveling - Launched into higher education and unraveled - Graduated from college and unable to launch in the work world Each situation can look very different, including mental health, substance abuse, executive functioning, or a combination of the three. Joanna brings passion, empathy, and knowledge towards young adults and their families in these situations. She also helps parents learn how to parent a young adult, rather than a child. In addition to Lilley Consulting, parents can listen to the podcast, Success is Subjective, at

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Independent Education Consultants Association (IECA)
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Gap Year Association (GYA), Young Adult Transition Association (YATA)

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