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61278 King Zedekiah Ave
Bend, OR
An experienced, highly trained, and credentialed team of passionate coaches dedicated to supporting parents who are helping their teen, young adult, or post-secondary adult confront the challenges of increasing independence. - We work with therapeutic and residential programs as an objective third party to provide parents with support and guidance around how to best support their child while in a program. - We do a minimum of a 6 call package with our clients: Prior, During and After treatment - All coaching calls are done over the phone to provide easy accessibility - We work uniquely with each therapeutic and residential program to make sure we are in line with each programs process, language and values - After each session we send a call debrief to the program's relevant staff or upload the debrief to the programs student database - Most therapeutic and residential programs will enroll our fees into their enrollment cost eliminating any cost to the program

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Certified Parent Coach
National Association of Schools & Programs (NATSAP)

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40 hour ICF approved Parent Certification Class

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Parent Coaching


Autism Spectrum Disorders
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Young Adults
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