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Solutions Parenting Support is a parent coaching company that offers solutions-focused guidance to parents who have a child in wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding school, transitioning a child home from wilderness therapy or longer term treatment and/or who are working preventatively to keep their family intact. Through video or phone calls, we work with parents all over the world, helping them with practical, direct and creative solutions, to confidently sustain personal growth and effective parenting. Solutions Parenting Support has a dynamic team of parent coaches, all who have had extensive careers as therapists in wilderness therapy or residential treatment before turning their talents to parents coaching. We collaborate with all professionals involved in supporting a family while we help parents put into place habits and strategies that take into consideration their children's strengths and struggles as well as their own.

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Every parent coach who works with Solutions Parenting Support has had extensive careers in out of home treatment modalities and years of clinical practice working with families. As parent coaches, our work takes on a different focus than as therapists, though we incorporate our training and expertise into all that we do. Our ability to accurately and quickly assess the needs that parents have and to give clear and effective guidance and support, is the hallmark of the work we do at Solutions.

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