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The College Parent Survival Network is a secure online community for parents of college-bound, current, and former college students. Gen Z is struggling with mental health. We are here to help you, in helping your child. It's unsafe to ask vulnerable questions online about helping your adolescent or young adult child. For fear of judgement, feeling shame, or receiving unhelpful recommendations, parents are left to fend for themselves. We are filling that need for a safe space to get help. Our values are: > A sense of Belonging in a Supportive Community > Showing Respect and Empathy > Education around College Cultural Capital Our goal is to help parents connect with other parents, to answer questions asked, and to bring in guest expert presenters who will speak on topics around college and mental health. We hope to become the community that parents of college-bound, current college, and former college students join looking for answers, and stay because of the community.

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Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)
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National Association of Schools & Programs (NATSAP)
Therapeutic Consulting Association (TCA)

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