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Timbertop Camp Program Coordinator | Rindge, NH

Timbertop Camp Program Coordinator | Rindge, NH

Hampshire Country School

28 Patey Circle
Rindge, NH 03461
United States


Posted on February 28, 2023


Timbertop Camp at Hampshire Country School

is hiring a Program Coordinator to be a summer logistics mastermind on our leadership team for summer 2023!

The four-week session runs the month of July (one arrival day, one departure day) on our school campus and out of our modern, home-style dormitories. Mornings start with physical activity around our 2,000-acre property and farm. Once we get our blood pumping we transition into an hour and a half of art, outdoor skills, sports, and games. Lunch is followed by a rest time, and the afternoon is capped by a long beach session and free-choice block. Evenings are a time for community activities, whole-campus games, and small moments of wonder and joy. Bedtimes start at 9 pm for our youngest boys and range until 9:45 for our oldest. Occasionally, our normal programming is “interrupted” by special events and community stewardship projects.

Timbertop camp is also developing an exciting roster of summer trips! So, pack your lunches and grab your trusty water bottle and camp t-shirt because Timbertop camp goes places and does things! Journeys to Boston attractions, the local and beautiful Mt. Monadnock, and Ice Cream adventures are just a few of the adventures we may take with our wonderful campers.

An ideal candidate is an up and coming camp professional with a desire to take on a leadership role in a small community of teachers, residential staff, and administrators. Experiences in residential camp leadership (dorm head, program coordinator, unit lead) or extensive organized camping employment required. An educational background in recreation management or trips experience is a plus.

Every camp consists of many moving pieces, if you feel you would bring something amazing to our leadershipl team please do not hesitate to apply. Even if you miss some of the qualifications listed below you may have other unique experiences and skill sets, and we’d love to hear about them.

Some amazing summer campy benefits:

  • WFR stipend/scholarship
  • Pro-Deals
  • Weekly time-off
  • Farm to Table dining room offerings
  • Incredibly competitive wages
  • Opportunities for school-year, full-time employment


The management and distribution of program materials
Guiding the flow and vision of the day/week/month with appropriate program plans and development
To supervise the execution of program activities
To Develop, Plan, and secure material for special events with a special focus on our new “Timbertop Trips” program.
Serve as a relief dorm counselor to provide for adequate staffing throughout the summer


A G-Suite Wizard (schedules and inventory keep camps running)
A can-do team spirit
3+ years experience in organized camping
Pre-Existing Lifeguard or WFR
A desire to live and work with a small community of 2E campers


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