Director of Admissions
Angie Shockley
Admissions Phone
Physical Address
437 William Ave.
Davis, WV
There are three (3) different residential options at QA for Young Adults (18+) APPLEWOOD TRANSITIONS FOR YOUNG WOMEN: Applewood Transitions provides opportunities in a supportive, caring community for emerging young women to explore and practice real life skills to prepare them to transition to a more independent and productive life. The young women live in Applewood Inn near Davis, WV, in the highlands of beautiful Tucker County. Our clients begin by working at the Breakfast Nook restaurant, housed at the Inn, and later, progress to other job opportunities in the local community. THE JOURNEY WV FOR YOUNG MEN: The Journey WV provides opportunities in a supportive, caring community for emerging young men to explore and practice real life skills allowing them to transition to independent living. The young men live on a working farm near Davis, WV. The clients each have responsibilities ensuring the ongoing success of the farm, including: caring for horses, chickens and other farm animals; growing vegetables, fruits and flowers in large garden plots; putting up hay to support the livestock; and managing the farm property. The clients of The Journey also obtain jobs in the community. CABIN MOUNTAIN LIVING CENTER: Cabin Mountain provides opportunities for young women and men to achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency based on their individual capabilities. Clients of Cabin Mountain typically have diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorders. Clients may transition from Applewood or Journey or they may enroll directly from another program. They may also enroll from the home environment, when appropriate. For more information, please visit the QA website link to the right.

General Information

Private Company - Owners On-Site
Q&A Associates, INC
Privately Owned
Q&A Associates/Angie Shockley
Please call for more information.

Transitional Living / Community Based Support

17 - 30


Executive Functioning or Social or Life Skills
Failure to launch
Visits to program preferred.
Structured Communication
Private Pay
Houses: Live in support staff


Provided as Part of Program
Group mindfulness-non-clinical


Can bring computer but limited internet
They can come with phones-help to manage


Finish HS or GED, college and voc classes




none required

Nuts & Bolts

Call for more information
Call for more information
Dulles [IAD]
3 Hours
YOQ and qualitative study by PhD candidate
6 Months
10 Months
Private / Self Pay
Breakout Billing For Insurance
not required but would report to state as needed
1 Hours
Mission Statement
Q&A Associates works with young adults ages 18 and up, providing opportunities for each of them to develop independent, functional, and happy lives with a high level of quality. The clients have struggled to reach independence for a variety of reasons such as the inability to develop and/or implement the life skills needed to be successful, or struggling to obtain consistent employment. Our goal is to help the clients find meaning and an authentic purpose for their lives and a practical path to achieve their goals.