Director of Admissions
Greg Rosenbaum
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Physical Address
20377 SW Acacia Street Suite 110
Newport Beach, CA
The Mental Health Collective Logo
“The Collective” is a comprehensive, integrative, and evidence based mental health treatment program that provides patient-centered treatment in a safe and supportive environment. We care for individuals who are suffering from mental health challenges that have prevented them from achieving their goals. SMALL BY DESIGN. A small community of clients allows our clinicians to develop a strong therapeutic alliance, and maintain an emotionally safe environment for each and every client. The team is able to work with each client to develop highly individualized treatment goals, and closely monitor the progress towards achieving those goals. SYMPTOM REDUCTION IS NOT ENOUGH - FUNCTIONAL RECOVERY ALLOWS FOR IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE. The treatment of mental illness extends far beyond symptom reduction. Our focus on functional recovery supports each client in reconnecting to their sense of meaning and purpose, finding joy, and pursuing value based living. We believe that this is how true healing unfolds. UNPARALLELED CLINICAL SOPHISTICATION. Founded by a board-certified psychiatrist and a licensed psychologist, The Collective team is comprised of highly experienced Doctoral and Masters level clinicians who work with each client in a fully integrated model. Clients are thoughtfully matched with a primary clinician that has expertise in treating their specific mental health challenges. Concurrently, the families of The Collective’s clients are also provided with a clinical care team to coach and guide them as they support their loved ones through the treatment process.

General Information

Private Company - Owners On-Site
Leased By Program
5 Years years
Unaffiliated private owner

Residential Treatment

18 - 65
3 Months
Clinic + House


Single Rooms with Private Baths
Single Rooms with Shared Baths
Students are Always in "Line-of-Sight" with staff
Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar and related Disorders
Conduct Disorders
Depressive Disorders
Dissociative Disorders
Dual Diagnosis
Irregular Sleep-Wake Syndrome
Major Depressive Disorder
Mood Disorders
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Personality Disorders
Process Addictions
Psychotic Disorders
Schizoaffective Disorder
Schizophrenia Spectrum
Somatic Symptoms Disorder
Substance Use Disorder
Substance/Medication-induced Psychosis
Unknown DX
HIGH: Family Expected on weekly calls (or more) & to attend all family workshops (weekly , monthly or quarterly)
Transition Supervised Housing
Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)
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Therapy - Individual

Yes, part of the program cost
5 Hours

Therapy - Group

32 Hours
3 Hours
3 Hours
Massage Therapist
Medical Doctor
Neurofeedback Specialist
Registered Dietician
Registered Nurse

Accredition / Affiliation

Nuts & Bolts

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Private / Self Pay
Santa Ana [SNA]
0.05 Hours
In Process
Mission Statement
TO PROVIDE THOUGHTFUL, COLLABORATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, INTEGRATIVE + EVIDENCE-BASED TREATMENT FOR ADULTS STRUGGLING WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. The treatment of mental health symptoms cannot be a “one size fits all” approach. We hand-tailor treatment to address individual needs and symptoms. We have a core belief that, in addition to remission of psychiatric symptoms, quality of life for our clients must improve. Therefore, our community based program is specifically designed for Functional Recovery, Social Recovery, and Mind + Body Wellness. Most importantly, our philosophy prioritizes a healing environment free of stigma, judgment, and shame.