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Therapeutic Experts

There are two types of therapeutic experts listed on our website: professionals who make recommendations for residential treatment options and school settings, and professionals who take teens and young adults to treatment centers.  It is possible that these two types of professionals have both skills.  

The key is that these professionals make recommendations, provide case management or support through a process or provide a fee-for-service. It is the family or hiring party who will make the ultimate decisions about which professional to hire, in which treatment facility to place and how to get the teen or young adult to that setting.  When you are hiring a Therapeutic Expert, it is important to know the professional's training and credentials, professional relationship, how communication will be handled, and what their process is for working with families in crisis or through an intervention. 

Please read more about questions to ask Consultants, Interventionists or Transport Companies on the Blog.  There are different ways to perform interventions and being informed of the options is invaluable for your peace-of-mind.